World’s first bio-based façade

NPSP Composites, in close cooperation with Studio Marco Vermeulen and TOM – Tuinbouwontwikkelingsmaatschappij, has created the world’s first bio-based façade, building it in Dinteloord.

The structure, a gas transfer station, is clad with 104 bio-based panels. These façade elements are made of Nabasco® (NAtural BASed COmposites) and are finished in a brown, opaque coating that gives them a state-of-the-art look not readily associated with natural fibres. The exact constitution of the resin varies, but often soya beans, linseed oil and biodiesel production waste are used by NPSP. Each panel, measuring 140 x 185 cm, has the letters C, H and N printed in relief. These refer to the chemical symbols of the main components (carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen) of the gas handled by the station.

Images: © Ronald Tilleman

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