Tom van Soest, the Chief Creative at StoneCycling is the godfather of the WasteBasedBrick. This is a new and sustainable brick made from natural and industrial waste. StoneCycling believes in a circular world. The primary input for new building materials can and should be waste materials. With the WasteBased-Brick, Tom is a frontrunner in the movement towards a circular building industry.

StoneCycling is well on its way to becoming a major new player in the surface material market. Those architects and real estate developers with a penchant for something new and a taste for Aubergine, Truffle or Mushroom should especially take note, as these are names of various types of WasteBasedBricks.

And that’s not all: perhaps your own waste could lead to something new. With his ‘Your waste, your brick’ principle, Van Soest is motivating property owners, municipalities and architects to develop a WasteBasedBrick together with him. This can lead to surprising opportunities and designs. It also increases owner awareness of the potential value waste has.

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