Experienced sailors at NPSP built a personal racing catamaran using natural fibre composites: the Flaxcat. According to NPSP, ‘the Flaxcat is the world’s first large construction using flax, built to withstand immense mechanical pressures.’

Epoxy injection on a single-sided mould under vacuum foil was first experimented with during the manufacturing stage of this project. This production process is especially relevant when making natural fibre composites. Vacuum-assisted resin infusion ensures that the resin completely seals the natural fibre surfaces.

NPSP is the European industry leader in sustainable composites. Working with natural resources such as flax, hemp and bio-based resin, NPSP produces composites with a longer life cycle and a highly reduced waste production, while maintaining true value for money. The bio-based composites developed by NPSP are sold under the Nabasco® brand name, short for nature-based composites.

More infromation: www.NPSP.nl

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