About Bio-based.org

Bio-based.org intends to gather together all current Dutch bio-based projects on a single website, focusing mainly on new sustainable solutions for the building industry, infrastructure projects and product design. It should become a source of knowledge and inspiration to further sustain our habitat.

Moreover the Bio-based.org project team initiates and implements creative and innovative bio-based pilot projects in close cooperation with its partners.

Organisations that the Bio-based project team works closely together with include the following companies and government and knowledge institutions: Waternet, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Free-D Geometries, Municipality of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam) and Unesco-IHE.

The Bio-based Knowledge Centre also carries out research and engages in advisory processes for third parties. Over the years, the Bio-based.org project team has garnered a wealth of information on bio-based issues. We continue to expand our proven expertise on a daily basis.